A MUST HAVE Integrative Medicine CANCER Resource!

This is a resource ALL PATIENTS WHO HAVE CANCER (or anyone who knows someone who has cancer) SHOULD KNOW ABOUT!  This resource is Dr. Ralph Moss and his website CANCER DECISIONS.COM.  He is a Ph.D. cancer researcher who has written many CANCER SPECIFIC reports from his extensive global cancer research article screenings.  So basically what you have here is someone who has been looking into the best of Western medicine, and Alternative medicine cancer therapies, and has been working for you for the last 20+ years and now you have found him.  I personally was able to look at one of his reports recently when my step mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and subsequent brain metastasis.  I was very impressed by the comprehensiveness of the report, and by the fact that along with the report you get a 30 min phone consult with Dr.Moss to ask questions.  I personally would be on his website ordering a report ASAP if I was diagnosed with cancer to see what the science says about MY TYPE of cancer.  It will save you many weeks, months or years of searching on the internet & medical journals to find the type and quality of information you will get from Dr. Moss’s report.  So in short, if you have cancer–get one and use all the resources available to get well.

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