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Infertility and genetically modified (GM) soy

“This study was just routine,’ said Russian biologist Alexi V. Surov, in what could end up as the understatement of the century.” So writes Jeffrey Smith, founder of the Institute for Responsible Technology, and he continues, “Surov and his colleagues set out to discover if Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) soy, grown on 91% of US soybean fields, leads to problems in growth or reproduction.  What he discovered may uproot a multi-billion dollar industry.”Continue reading

Natural Anxiety and Depression Treatment- Drugs Vs. Talk therapy

1544 readers from a Consumer Reports survey judged that medication and talk therapy are equally as effective for the treatment of these conditions anxiety and depression.  However, you can expect side effects from antidepressant medications, and you can expect long-term benefits from talk therapy.  Take your pick. Continue reading

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