Beating Holiday Stress!

By:Christine Bache, NTP

Here we are in the midst of the holiday season. For some it’s the most wonderful time of year and for others it’s a time of stress and overwhelm. For most of us it’s likely a little of both. Family gatherings, celebrations with friends, office parties, shopping, wrapping and baking on top of a busy life can leave little time for self-care. This is the time of year when expectations are high and sweets and treats are plentiful, even the most sound health and wellness goals can fall by the wayside.

Having a few simple strategies can help us maintain our sanity and sense of wellbeing.

Make self-care a priority. It isn’t selfish to care for yourself, you can’t be present for others or enjoy the holidays if you are depleted, exhausted and resentful.

Begin the day with a mug of warm lemon water. This rehydrates the body and gives the immune system a boost. Take a few moments to breathe, stretch and ponder a bit of gratitude.

Fuel your body with nourishing food first thing. Having protein in the morning can really set the tone for a balanced day. Leftover dinner can be breakfast, not conventional but it can help fuel the day. A cup of broth or soup can feel like a very nurturing way to start the day.

Plan ahead for challenging moments in your day. Overwhelm and stress are often the reasons we eat. It’s never the salmon and broccoli we go for, it’s the salty, greasy, or sugary stuff that does the best job of distracting and numbing those negative feelings. Pause in those moments before eating unconsciously. Step outside and breathe, walk in nature, it can work wonders to reground you. Reach out to a good friend or loved one. Listen to music you love. Journal for a few moments. Drink some water, sip some broth or tea.

When you do choose to indulge in those once a year treats like grandma’s pie or special cookies remember to enjoy it, savor it and never feel guilty about it!

Keep your home a sanctuary of health. Leave all of the goodies at the party. Stock up on seasonal root veggies and fruits like citrus and pomegranate. Prepare a couple of slow cooker meals. Have your favorite herbal teas on hand. Stash some dark chocolate and nuts for treats.

Making extra effort to rest and sleep are key to feeling well and navigating the holidays.

We can feel empowered and peaceful this holiday season by planning simple ways to ease stress and sustain our healthy choices.


Christine Bache is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and a licensed Restart Instructor. Nutritional therapy is a holistic, comprehensive and highly personalized path to health and healing. Christine works with a foundational approach to nutrition, using whole nutrient dense real food that honors the bio-individuality of each client. She performs specialized hands on clinical assessments as well as advanced Nutritional Therapy skills to restore balance and optimal wellness to the body. She believes real food supports real health and that the body has the profound and innate wisdom to heal. She is passionate about educating and empowering each client no matter where they are on their health journey. Christine offers one on one consultations, educational workshops, and the RESTART® Program.  She will be offering a virtual Restart Program through Root & Branch in early 2019.  Details to come!

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