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Fall Chinese Medicine & Ayurvedic Cleanse

Join Geoff, Eileen and Lisa for our 2nd Group Cleanse!

We hope you will join us again for this successful community bonding cleanse!

October  3rd through 12th, 2012

***Early Bird Special***

Sign up Before August 27th and pay $129* for the first person, and  $80* for each additional family/household member (*this price includes the herbs, instruction booklet & recipies) .

After 8/27 the cost is $149 for the first and $95 per additional family member.

Here is what people said about the 10 Day Chinese Medicine & Ayurvedic Cleanse

“We are sooooo happy we did it. I feel fantastic and lost 9 pounds. I also no longer drink diet Dr. Pepper which I drank 4-5 a day before this! You guys are the best. Such goodness!”  TA

“I’ve done herbal cleanses in the past, but never anything this comprehensive and I must say, I am pleased with the results.  I will continue with much of the diet as I am pleased with the weight loss results (six pounds!) and had hoped to kick start weight loss as part of this process.  The next time I do this, I hope to be able to incorporate even more of the practices into my daily routine.  I’m glad I jumped on board, even if a bit late!”   EA

“I can’t believe I did this! I am so proud of myself for being able to stick to the rules and not cheat!! I amazed myself at how disciplined I can be once I set my intention. I’ve lost 8 pounds!!”  NK

“I thought it (the cleanse) went surprisingly well.  I think the occasional animal protein made all the difference in feeling crazed.  Now I can’t seem to gain weight. Yay!”  BS

“This was a great experience for my first ever cleanse.  I really enjoyed the kitchari and look forward to making it again….it was very satisfying.   I love the beet and apple salad and look forward to adding that to my favorite salad options this summer and beyond.  I am not one to make salads for myself but this has influenced my eating habits so I am a little more thoughtful of my choices.  Thank you again for all the support and the push to partake in this experience.”  DM


“Geoff DePaula is one of the finest acupuncturist’s I have ever experienced. I have had treatments in England, Germany, and New Zealand as well as in the US.”
~Marty H. Naragansett, RI


My husband and I have a beautiful and healthy 7-month-old baby boy. We are deeply grateful to Eileen for all her assistance in this miracle, her knowledge, her support and her boundless kindness.


I am a physician, and had read in the medical literature that there are sound studies that have demonstrated the effectiveness of acupuncture for infertility. I am so grateful for Eileen’s expert and compassionate care on my journey towards becoming a mother.” Anne, physician