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Chinese Medicine is Based on the Energy Body

This means that it takes an integrated view of the person. Mind, body and emotions interact and affect each other. Each person has a unique pattern of energetic strengths and weaknesses. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs help to balance the whole body-mind via supplying energy where it is lacking, and moving energy where its flow has become blocked. This treatment protocol helps your entire being function in a way that you can utilize the resources you have, supplement the ones you don’t, and optimize your health.

What is the “Root” cause of my problem?

In Chinese medicine, we look at the entirety of the person, all of the symptoms & signs that may be seemingly unrelated, in order to come to a diagnosis unique to the individual. In other words we look at the underlying cause of the illness (the “Root”), and correct it to eliminate the symptoms (the “Branch(es)”), in an effort to prevent their reoccurrence. We are most familiar in our culture with the concept of treating symptoms, without giving much thought to the underlying cause of those symptoms. In this way, we often see symptoms go away temporarily, only to flare back up. We are dedicated to educating our patients so that they will understand the relationships between their health and their personal choices.

We ask “Why hasn’t the person healed”?

Your body-mind has the capacity to perform healing miracles. It does so almost every day of your life. When you become ill or have a
prolonged injury, your body-mind is somehow impaired and unable to
complete the healing process. We ask “why isn’t the person healing”? For example, let’s say you develop a liver disease from your liver not producing enough enzymes. Through a sophisticated energetic diagnosis process, we can figure out why your liver is malfunctioning. Then instead of giving you a pill to supplement your body’s inefficient production of liver enzymes (which is rarely an exact match of what you are lacking- thus the common side effects of prescription drugs), we strengthen your liver’s energy and function so your liver can do its job efficiently and correctly.

Your Healing Process

Chinese medicine is based on direct observation of health and disease, it relies more on patient information, palpation, and observation of the tongue and pulse, than on quantifiable diagnostic tests. Treatment is not something which is done ‘to’ the patient, but is given in partnership with the patient’s own developing an understanding of their current health situation. Specific food, lifestyle and activity recommendations may also play an important part in your overall healing process.

Optimum Health, Vitality and Longevity

The aim of treatment, in addition to healing disease, is to restore overall energetic balance and health to the individual. It can therefore be used to help prevent illness and optimize longevity & vitality. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine have been time tested for thousands of years and is known worldwide for its effectiveness and safety.

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