Curing Cancer with Emotion, Intent and “The Field”

This video with Greg Braden demonstrates what the Taoists (the yogis also have their names for it as well) have been saying for thousands of years. That EVERYTHING is connected with a conscious energetic matrix, and it is the source of everything. In Taoist philosophy this “void” or infinite field is called Wu Qi. It is taught that from this field springs the origin of Yin & Yang, and from these come “the 10,000 things”- which is basically all of the manifest physical universe. This video sounds far fetched for those not familiar with these concepts, but make perfect sense to the Taoists, and other esoteric sciences that have been using these principles for thousands of years. There is a saying in Qi Gong and Tai Chi “where the mind goes the Qi flows”, this is a perfect example of practitioners who have cultivated the art (& healing science) of tapping into that field and using it for curing cancer.

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