Fall is a Good Time to Cleanse!

I am often asked why we need to cleanse.  If the body is designed to cleanse and filter out things on its own, why do we need to make a point of doing this?  Well, the body, in all of its infinite wisdom and incredible design, was not meant to be subjected to the thousands of environmental toxins we are subjected to on a daily basis as a result of industrialization.  Nor was it designed to withstand the amount of alcohol, caffeine, sugar, chemicals in foods, pesticides and hormones in the water, and processed foods that we eat on a daily basis.  It is further compromised by layers of stress, over exertion, and lack of sleep.  These three things alone will cause these wondrous bodies of ours to function less optimally, but along with all the rest, it just needs a break, and some support to do the best job it can.  Detoxing means taking the burden off of the system so that it can do its job better.  The beautiful result is that you will feel so much better!

I heard someone say recently that we are the only country in the world that complains about having to eat healthy.  This really caught my attention because in so many places access to good healthy food is not an option.  I work with many people with sensitivities to gluten, dairy and sugar, and who suffer with digestive and other symptoms, but trying to get them to give up the things they love, even if it means that they can reduce or eliminate their daily suffering, is extremely difficult.

There are lots of ways to cleanse, but I prefer for people to cleanse with the use of healthy whole foods along with some supplements that will support the detoxification organs to clear the liver, kidneys, lymph and fatty toxins in the body.

There are two that I particularly like: Standard Process 21 Day Cleanse: This cleanse is comprised of a protein powder (with or without dairy) for one-two shakes per day, and a couple of supplements to supports the normal toxin-elimination function of the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, and digestive system, provide antioxidant support, and overall cellular health.  Their products can be somewhat customized for dietary and digestive needs.  They also provide a book, which is downloadable HERE.  This book explains the process of cleansing and walks you through the 21 day program, along with providing tons of recipes.  21 days is a good period of time to begin to implement some lasting changes in the diet as well.

Pablo Cleanse, by Designs for Health.  This is a really easy to follow cleanse which comes with a guide on foods to eat and to avoid, a delicious protein powder designed to use while cleansing, and a formula called Amino Detox which helps the body rid toxic buildup in the liver.  This cleanse allows you to continue to eat animal products, which many other cleanses ask you to avoid.  This can be done for 14 or 21 days, your choice!

Should you be interested in doing a cleanse, we provide access to all of the products that you will need to do either of these, along with answering any questions you might have about them.  We have done them both and really felt that they were incredibly effective and user friendly.

So, consider cleansing in the next month or two, before it gets too cold!  It is a great way to rebalance the system and prepare for winter.  Enjoy!

Eileen DePaula, M.Ed., M.Ac.Lic.Ac.

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