Fertility & Chinese Medicine

“You Can’t Pour From an Empty Vessel”

Acupuncture has been shown to be incredibly helpful in conception and in supporting the regulation of the menstrual cycle and ovulation.  Often times there are no clear explanations for why a couple might be struggling to conceive, but in the way we look at the body and its various functions, we are frequently able to understand what may be causing the issues. It is only in this understanding that we are able to work towards correcting them and achieving conception.

Many times what we see is that there are symptoms associated with the cycle that indicate some level of obstruction of energy and movement of blood.  These things can show up at any point in the cycle, and being able to root them out and eliminate them to produce a smooth cycle with regular ovulation often is what allows things to finally happen. 

Contrary to popular belief, having symptoms with your period is common, but not normal.  You should not be experiencing premenstrual symptoms that disrupt your day to day life and require medications, nor should you feel exhausted, be craving sweets, get irritable or weepy, be bloated and miserable.  These symptoms that are so common now that young girls are being put on birth control pills to manage them, are largely due to diet and lifestyle factors that can be corrected.  Once we identify what your patterns are and link them with your diet and lifestyle, we are quite often able to make adjustments that will positively impact your cycles.  

In my 25 years of doing fertility work, I have seen amazing things happen for couples who have been told they would never conceive without IVF. 

How We Approach Fertility:

*Acupuncture to regulate the cycle, improve blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, reduce stress, and regulate the detoxification and elimination pathways;

*Evaluate and adjust the diet to ensure that you are getting the appropriate nutrients and avoiding any chemicals which may be disrupting the hormonal system;

*Focus on blood sugar stabilization to support the endocrine system, and reduce inflammation;

*Suggest appropriate supplements and herbs to support and regulate the system, that have been clinically proven to improve egg quality and sperm motility/morphology, and count;

*Discuss simple stress reduction methods to support the entire system and ensure that your reproduction stays optimal;

*Be sure that you are exercising appropriately for your constitution and the time in your cycle.

*Provide you with access to programs , testing, and supplements that optimize your chances of having a successful pregnancy and birth.


We give you access to our online virtual dispensary where you can purchase high quality herbs and supplements to support fertility, along with protocols and recommendations for fertility. 

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Modern Fertility Home Fertility Test Kit: $159

            While we are able to get an enormous amount of information through our intake and evaluation methods, it is often extremely helpful to have insight into exactly what the hormone profile looks like. For that reason, many people are interested in testing that is comprehensive for all the hormones that play into fertility.  Because most doctors won’t provide comprehensive hormone testing until you have been trying for at least 6 months, and even so may not do all of the parameters, this option is both affordable and accessible.

This test includes FSH, AMH, LH, estradiol, prolactin, and testosterone, and provides a personalized, physician reviewed report to help you understand the results.  They also provide a 1:1 consult with a fertility nurse.  From these results, we can customize your treatment and supplement recommendations to expedite your outcomes.

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Becoming Mama is a 10 day program designed by Katie Altneu, a Colorado Acupuncturist, who is board certified in Fertility Acupuncture.  Eileen has done Katie’s training and is thrilled to be able to refer our patients to this program which is rich with information, do’s and don’ts, meal plans, stress reduction techniques, meditations, self acupressure protocols, a 4 Day Fertility Cleanse, and education all geared towards achieving a healthy and successful pregnancy.  

You can click the link below to see more details on the program along with testimonials from patients who have gone through it.  She is amazing and I highly recommend her!

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Some of the program is available in smaller modules, but are included in Becoming Mama program.

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