Healing Burns- Almost Instantly! with the Natural Remedy of Plant Oils

Healing Burns with Lavender Plant Pure Essential Oil

Lavender picWe have been using Lavender True Essential Oil (TEO)for years now with AMAZING EFFECTIVENESS.  Making sure you use 100% PURE LAVENDER essential oil is VERY important!

As you don’t want any other base oils (like jojoba, coconut, olive, etc) or other essential oils in the mix which could cause an aggravation of the burn.  If you apply Lavender and Ice to the burn and repeat this process (i.e. ice, lavender, ice, lavender, etc.) and repeat this process for 20-30 minutes- you will be very impressed at how fast and effectively the burn heals. We have personally seen this technique work for ourselves and others who have up to 2nd degree burns (blistering) and have it virtually disappear in 20-30 minutes, what would normally take days or weeks to heal!

So be sure to keep some Pure Lavender TEO around in the first aid kit!  BTW- also works great for cuts, insect bites, and other surface wounds.

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