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Root and Branch Oriental Medicine was founded in order to provide our neighbors with safe, natural ways to meet their personal health goals.

There are SO many options for care in the world today, but very few have the proven benefits of oriental medicine. As experts in the field, we wanted to ensure that our local friends and neighbors had access to the information we have gathered during our careers.

We have helped hundreds of local residents reclaim their health and enjoy the lifestyle they want to pursue without prescription pills, risky fads, or unproven gadgets. Our practice prioritizes the body's natural way of caring for itself and our methods support that priority.

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What Sets Our Care Programs Apart

Your Unique Self

No two patients are treated the same way in our office. Your unique life experiences have helped you develop into who you are today. Getting a clear picture of your history is imperative to ensuring that our signature care programs will help you reach your goals.

Find Root Cause

There are many different reasons why you feel the way you do today. We'll get to the root cause of your symptoms and problems so that we can then develop a special set of activities that will address these root causes instead of just masking issues with medication.

Build a Custom Plan

Your plan includes a wide variety of tools and techniques to help you reach your personal health goals. We have perfected our programs and know the best way to bring them together to address YOUR health goals and challenges.

Track & Adjust

Data drives our decisions, so we track progress and continually make changes as we go. This ensures that you are working towards your goals and seeing enough progress to keep you motivated. When something doesn't work, we'll know quickly so that we can course correct.

Feel Great and Find Your Center

Experience our fully personalized care programs that fit into your schedule and help you find balance.

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