How We Help

First and foremost, know that our care is 100% customized and personalized to you, your health, and your lifestyle.

As a result of that, it is important that you experience the Root and Branch personal discovery process. This consists of four steps:

•Understanding Your Unique Self

•Identifying the Root Cause

•Building a Personal Care Plan

•Tracking Your Goals and Adjusting Along the Way

Step One: Your Unique Self

People with the same western diagnosis can have a completely different presentation of issues. This comes as a result of each person’s unique experiences.

Physical, emotional, AND social variables are important factors in understanding your unique self. If we don’t capture these details, we can’t understand how your experiences have contributed to what you are facing currently.

Together, we will review your answers to our in-depth questionnaire. This ensures that we are able to get as much information as possible (without interrogating you!) before we begin creating a personal plan.

Step Two: The Root Cause

Over the years, we have crafted a very specific, incredibly effective set of diagnostic evaluations for our patients.

You can even think of these as “tools” in our “toolbox”. We start with some foundational tests, such as a palpatory diagnostic where we check your pulse and look at your tongue, as well as an abdominal diagnostic test. From there, we expand to additional “tools” as necessary.

These exams actually give us additional information that you may not be aware of when you answer our questionnaire! This step is exciting because you are likely to experience a few “A Ha!” moments as we uncover issues that relate to things you weren’t connecting in your own mind.

Step Three: Personal Plans

With our signature exams completed, we will explain how Chinese medicine can be most effective in helping you achieve your personal goals. This will include our unique perspective into how your body operates and how our care will work to make positive changes.

Each treatment plan is different in the specific materials that we utilize to create the desired outcomes. This is a huge differentiator for our practice. Many other forms of health care stick with a “one size fits most” approach, but often leave patients feeling as though their problems have no real solution. No two patients’ care plans are the same in our office, because we know that no two patients’ life experiences are exactly the same. (…)

Step Four: Track & Tweak

At this point, your personalized. treatment starts. During each session, we will be tracking the symptoms that we are monitoring most closely.

An initial phase of care can last an average of 6 weeks. At the end of this phase, we will conduct a thorough re-evaluation to fully understand how our care plan has positively impacted your health.

We find that many patients discover issues they were ignoring at this point. The thing to remember is that this discovery only comes after we have positively addressed primary problems.

Your care is adjusted based on your progress, so there may be changes in the frequency of visits or the contents of our sessions. This is all done with the desire of achieving your personal health goals as effectively as possible while promoting optimal health throughout your mind, body, and spirit.