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Acupuncture and Cupping


Acupuncture is based on the theory that all systems, our bodies included, rely on the dynamic balance between opposite yet complementary forces.  When the body is healthy, the energy, or qi (chi) will move smoothly through its pathways (meridians) and organs.  In this way it allows for nourishment of the system.  Symptoms of pain or illness indicate that this system is impaired and needs support.  The goal of treatment is to identify the imbalances, and using a variety of techniques including needles, herbal heat therapy, cupping and gua sha, we work to restore the proper flow of qi through the body in order to restore health. 

$165 initial, $110 follow-up

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal medicine appointments can be made separately, either in person or virtually.  Includes a thorough health history and the prescription of a custom herbal formula to address your unique health needs.  Initial 60 minute session is $150, Follow-up 30 minute session is $75.  (Cost of herbs is not included)

Cupping Session

This session is focused exclusively on using cupping to address stagnation, muscle pain and tightness, and to expedite healing from trauma.  There is no acupuncture used in this session.  There may be limits to what can be done in one session, and with some conditions, a short series of cupping sessions may be indicated.


Pediatric Acupuncture

Pediatric visits are for kids up to 16 years of age.  They are tailored to incorporate techniques that are suitable to pediatrics and which minimize needles, if that is a concern for the patient.  Herbal medicines are also available for kids and depending upon the age, can be ordered in glycerin based tinctures to increase compliance.  Herbs costs are in addition to the treatment.

$115 initial, $80 follow-up

Pre-Birth Acupuncture Series

This is a series of weekly acupuncture treatments with Eileen designed to prepare the mother physically, mentally, and emotionally for labor and birth.  This series includes discussion of ways to prep the body for labor to maximize the potential for a natural labor and minimize interventions.  Eileen was so fascinated by pregnancy and birth that after having her own son she trained as a childbirth educator.  These visits should be scheduled starting at 32-33 weeks. 

Source Medicine

Initial 60-Minute Session

Includes Initial evaluation, online nutritional assessment, food journal and lifestyle assessment, meal plan, recipe and snack ideas, and one 30 follow up check in call.   $150

30 Minute Follow-up

Includes food journal and lifestyle reassessment, meal plan, recipes and snack ideas, may include functional examination and supplement recommendations, and one 15 minute follow up call.   $75

More About Our Care


Moxibustion is a form of herbal heat therapy that is often used in the session.  Moxa is derived from Mugwort, which is processed and refined to result in forms that burn at different temperatures to give a desired result.  Your practitioner will determine the form that is most beneficial for the condition being treated.  It can be applied in a number of ways, but the ones most commonly used in our office are: moxa pole, a cigar like compressed form of moxa that burns like incense and is held near the needles or points; Kyutoshin, which uses a form of loose moxa that is rolled into balls and which sit on top of the needle and penetrate the heat down through the needle and into the surrounding tissue; Ibuki Moxa, a Japanese style of moxa that is rolled and sits on a stick on base.  These can be used to apply heat to a specific area (either an acupuncture point) or an injured area, and are often used as a home therapy between treatments.

Moxa is wonderful for building energy, warming the body, and the treatment of pain and inflammation.


Cupping is a therapeutic treatment used for increasing the flow of blood, lymph and qi in the muscles. It also has a deep effect on releasing the fascia in situations where there is chronic tension in an area. Cupping uses glass cups to create a vacuum. When muscles are very tight, they become ischemic, meaning that they will get reduced blood flow to and through the muscles, thereby limiting the amount of nourishment the muscles get and increasing the build up of metabolic by-products in the tissue. When used appropriately, cupping can be enormously effective at pulling the stuck blood out into the interstitial space creating what we call “Sha” and allowing for a rush of fresh blood into the muscle to nourish and heal the area. It can provide quick and lasting relief.

Depending upon the amount of stagnation in the tissue, it can take anywhere from 1-7 days for the “sha” to disappear. Sha can have the appearance of a bruise, but most often will have no bruised feeling associated with it.

Electro Acupuncture

Electro Acupuncture is a wonderful approach to treating acute and chronic pain under the right conditions.  In this technique, we attach positive and negative clips to the needles once inserted.  The clips are on cords that are attached to a machine that runs a circuit through the needles to break up pain.  It is also quite effective in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy.   The practitioner will consider whether this is an appropriate modality to use according to the constitution of the patient, amongst other factors.  

Gua Sha

Gua translates as friction, and Sha is a term used to describe congestion of blood at the surface of the body. Gua Sha is a technique where the practitioner uses a specific tool to repeatedly rub the surface of the skin at the site of the congestion or stagnation to move the blood and promote circulation to the tissues. This technique often provides immediate relief, allowing for better movement and reduction in pain and stiffness.

Gua Sha can be more versatile than cupping. Cupping is limited to larger surfaces and the gua sha tools can be used in smaller areas and near bony areas.

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