Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) 

How it's harming your health

and how to protect yourself

Interview with Geoff DePaula and Michel Aerts an EMF specialist from ComoSystems Inc. in France about what you need to know about EMFs.


Key Points

EMFs are everywhere

WiFi is everywhere...just turn on your phone and search for networks!...and 5G cell phone towers are expanding!

You are exposed to them often

Do you work from home? Have a cell phone? Stream video internet? ...then you ARE exposed.

They negatively affect health

EMFs from WiFi and EMFs are not good for your health. The initial research is very concerning!

There are ways to neutralize EMFs

You can compensate for the negative effects of EMFs with simple solutions to protect yourself and your family.

Why You Need Protection

Most people do not immediately feel the negative effects of EMFs when they are around them. Only a small minority of "EMF sensitive" people do.  However, EMFs act as a type of stressor on your body.   Every kind of stressor that you have (i.e. mental/emotional, physical, nutritional, energetic, electromagnetic (EMF), etc.) requires that your body use up some vital energy to mitigate the negative effects of that stressor.  The cumulative effect of different types of stressors can create the breakdown of the proper function of the body-mind and lead to imbalances, disorders and diseases.

University studies carried out by Pr Bastide (University of Montpellier, France) have shown that exposure to EMF (in which we are immersed) generates a drop in IgG antibody levels, which contributes to immunosuppression and poor embryo development. 1

Scientific References:

1. https://biohacking.comosystems.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/APPENDIX-5-Biological-effects-of-continuous-exposure-of-embryos-and-young-chicken-to-EMF-emited-by-VDU.pdf