Spring Awakening: Acupuncture & Yoga Workshop 4/28, 6-8 pm.

Welcome to Spring! Are you feeling fussy and anxious, or scattered and lacking focus? Here’s some good news- according to Chinese Medicine, it’s Spring’s fault! Spring is a time of regeneration and renewal, and at its best it’s a time of upward and expansive movement of creativity, planning for the future, vision & perspective”. We are transitioning from the quiet, dormant, hibernation phase of winter into a time of expansion and movement, and that can often stir people up a bit. On the emotional level t’s very common to feel a bit more frustrated, anxious, depressed or scattered in this transitional month, and physically you may feel Spring’s effects as well: headaches, twitching eyes or muscles, tight/stiff muscles and tendons, PMS or digestive issues… but acupuncture and yoga can help.

This 2 hour Yoga + Acupuncture Workshop will explore ways to utilize Traditional Chinese Medicine (including acupuncture, acupressure, herbal medicine and dietary therapy) to bring your body into balance with the new season. You will also be lead through a series of postures to help realign, and invigorate you while stimulating the meridians associated with Spring: the Liver and Gallbladder Meridians. The yoga practice will culminate in a 30 minute savasana with an optional mini-Acupuncture treatment to awaken you to all the possibilities of Spring.

Through a combination of the ancient methods of Acupuncture and Yoga, Courtney Dutch and Rachel  Gorman will guide you through an evening designed to rejuvenate and refresh your whole being for Spring!

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