Test Kits

We supply home test kits for a small list of issues.  Testing and getting actual results to work with improves our ability to treat without guessing.  Generally we get better and quicker results, without the need to purchase unnecessary supplements which may actually make things worse.  When we know what we are dealing with, we are better able to make recommendations, diet, lifestyle, and supplements, which will be more effective at correcting the underlying condition.   Some insurance companies cover the some or all of the cost of these tests.   *Cost prices are subject to change by the lab.

Adrenal Stress Profile & Adrenal Stress Profile with Insomnia Kits:

This is a saliva test to look at the cortisol rhythm.  You will be instructed to fill 4-5 vials with saliva at set times of day over the course of one day.  This will tell us if your cortisol production is following a normal curve or not.  This test is appropriate for people who are experiencing fatigue, who have blood sugar instability, and insomnia.  These two kits are identical except for the insomnia kit provides an additional vial that is used when you wake in the middle of the night to tell us if cortisol spiking is what is waking you up.  Depending upon your results there are supplements and dietary recommendations that will help to restore the normal rhythm.  Cost is $125/$155 respectively.

Food Allergy & Candida IgG Blood Spot Kit

This is an at home test that uses dried blood spot to look at 96 common foods and candida.  IgG tests look at food sensitivities that don't occur immediately, but rather up to 72 hours after eating the food.  For this reason, it can be difficult to determine what we are reacting to even with good journal taking.  We recommend that all clients who do this test also do a 7 day food journal while awaiting the results.  Cost: $219

Urine Organic Acids Test

Organic acids are chemical compounds excreted in the urine of mammals that are products of metabolism.  The Organic Acids Test (OAT) offers a comprehensive metabolic snapshot of a patient’s overall health with over 70 markers.  It provides an accurate evaluation of intestinal yeast and bacteria.  Great Plains Lab Organic Acids Test also includes markers for vitamin and mineral levels, oxidative stress, neurotransmitter levels, and is the only OAT to include markers for oxalates, which are highly correlated with many chronic illnesses.

If abnormalities are detected using the OAT, treatments can include supplements, such as vitamins and antioxidants, or dietary modification. Upon treatment, patients and practitioners have reported significant improvement such as decreased fatigue, regular bowel function, increased energy and alertness, increased concentration, improved verbal skills, less hyperactivity, and decreased abdominal pain.  Cost: $309


Mycotoxins are some of the most prevalent toxins in the environment.  Mycotoxins are metabolites produced by fungi like mold, which can infest buildings, vehicles, and foodstuffs.   A majority of mycotoxin exposures are through food ingestion or airborne exposure.  In the European Union, 20% of all grains harvested have been found to be contaminated with mycotoxins.  Diseases and symptoms linked to mycotoxin exposure include fever, pneumonia-like symptoms, heart disease, rheumatic disease, asthma, sinusitis, cancer, memory loss, vision loss, chronic fatigue, skin rashes, depression, ADHD, anxiety, and liver damage.  With our new MycoTOX Profile, we can identify mycotoxin exposures and make recommendations for detoxification treatments that have been effective.  This tests for 11 different mycotoxins, from 40 species of mold, in one urine sample.   Cost: $299