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Testimonials from Patients

Everyone's situation is different, but our goals are always the same: to identify your true health goals and then craft a personalized experience to get you there the right way.

What Our Patients Say

“I first went to Root & Branch several years ago for pre-menopause symptoms, night sweats, hot flashes etc.  It worked wonderfully and I also had some aches and pains in my knees taken care of by Eileen DePaula.  I couldn’t believe how effect Acupuncture was.  More recently I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and put on lots of medicine.  The medicine didn’t seem to reduce my blood pressure and my Dr. kept increasing the dosage and trying other types.  Knowing the side effects with this type of medicine (liver and kidney damage are only a  few) I researched on the internet to see if Acupuncture would help reduce blood pressure.  Indeed it would!  After only one session my pressure went from 140/92 to 120/78.  Amazing results!!  I will continue to do this until my blood pressure stabilizes and then my plan is to stop taking the medicine entirely.  I can’t thank you enough, you have probably saved me from very serious problems down the road.”  

-Joyce I.

“I wanted to thank you so much for all your help with making me well before the baby is born. I feel so much better, my hands work (amazing) and my fibromyalgia pain has subsided (ahhh). I was really worried that I was not going to be well enough to take care of the baby. Thanks to you and your treatment I feel confident that I will be able to. I cannot thank you enough for getting me back to feeling like me again!!!"
-Christy E.

"I came to Geoffrey DePaula in the throes of Meniere’s disease, a fluid imbalance in the inner ear that causes horrific bouts of vertigo. I had had many of these bouts and all systems were depleted.  I have been seeing Geoff for herbal and acupuncture treatments, I have regained a level of functioning that I would not have thought possible. Geoff gave me a sense of hope when I felt hopeless, and made that real with his compassionate, diligent and truly outstanding treatment. I have traveled from Hartford, CT to Boston and now Hopkinton, MA to see Geoff and it has been and is truly worth the effort. In this time, I have also gotten to know his wife Eileen, and I would recommend both of them without qualification. I am truly grateful that I found these two wise doctors of holistic health and I only wish they would move to Bloomfield, CT so all of the people that I recommend them to in this area could also benefit."


“Eileen is a very highly skilled and excellent acupuncturist. She helped me through many different health situations – some large, some small – always with enormous grace, intelligence and care. She’s a great listener, a wonderful practitioner and a great person. I highly recommend her! If you want great acupuncture by an extremely skilled, knowledgeable and kind practitioner, she’s the one for you!”
-Linda Guinee

They are compassionate, caring, generous, and intelligent professionals. I notice marked improvement in my symptoms every time I am there. It is important to find a great acupuncturist, and Eileen and Geoff are the best. I highly recommend them!

G.C Brookline

"The treatment Eileen provided was the one of the most compassionate and gratifying experiences of my life."

"I am a physician, and had read in the medical literature that there are sound studies that have demonstrated the effectiveness of acupuncture for infertility. I am so grateful for Eileen’s expert and compassionate care on my journey towards becoming a mother.”
-Anne, physician

"My husband and I have a beautiful and healthy 7-month-old baby boy. We are deeply grateful to Eileen for all her assistance in this miracle, her knowledge, her support and her boundless kindness."

“I was referred to Eileen by a highly respected alternative health practitioner friend. Eileen is the sum total of all the qualities any client would seek in an acupuncturist; she is calm, confident, clear and results oriented. She has mastered the art and science of acupuncture to the extent that she has trained countless practitioners. Her comfort with the process makes anyone new to acupuncture instantly at ease. I also have referred friends who have had years of acupuncture and they concur, Eileen is entitled to unqualified praise!”
-Nina Flood

“Acupuncture with Eileen DePaula is a relaxing, rejuvenating and an all around great experience for me! In my work as a psychologist, I strongly advise my clients to work on their lives from many points of view and using multiple modalities. Body work is essential, I think. And this kind of body work is seems to me to help body, mind and soul!”
-Chris Cooper, PhD

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