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On Your First Visit

It is not uncommon for patients to come to our practice with little to no exposure to acupuncture or Chinese medicine prior to their first visit. In order to minimize any nervousness, we feel it is best that you have a clear understanding of what you can expect from us and what will help us to give you the best attention and treatment.

The initial visit will include a review of your reasons for seeking treatment along with reviewing the intake form in greater detail. This gives you an opportunity to give us more details on your medical history, and for us to arrive at a more accurate Chinese medical diagnosis. There will be time for discussion about your case, the treatment options, and for us to explain to you anything that would be helpful for you to understand in order to participate fully in your quest to feel better. Depending upon the complexity of your case, usually there is time for a treatment of somewhere between 20-45 minutes.

It is our preference that you have an opportunity to experience not just acupuncture, but our style of treatment at the first visit. We may talk about changes you can consider making in your diet, lifestyle, ergonomics, home care, etc., in order to support the treatment process. Depending upon your needs, you may be prescribed herbs or supplements.
We may give you written information that will help you to understand the diagnosis and pathology from a Chinese medical perspective.

IDEAL CLOTHING FOR YOUR VISIT: Please wear loose fitting pants that can be rolled up to above the knee (no blue jeans please) and women can also wear (or bring to change into) a loose fitting tank top so we can get access to the areas on your back and shoulders.

Treatment Plan

We generally recommend that patients commit to a treatment plan in order to get the most benefit from your treatments. Acupuncture, and the diet and lifestyle changes that are made as part of your healing, take time to build on each other and to generate solid change. Just as you might have gone to a physical therapist for a course of treatment for an injury, so too do you need to see the acupuncturist for a course of treatment for most conditions.

Acupuncture is a treatment modality that is intended to not only help people get relief from their health problems, but it is meant to correct the underlying reason for the condition in the first place…and then to keep people healthy long-term. Therefore, when you achieve the desired results of your treatment, it is advisable that you consider coming in for maintenance treatments to maintain your strength, immunity, and overall health. It also allows you to keep on top of your health and to stay focused on healthy diet and lifestyle behaviors. Maintenance treatments can be monthly, quarterly, or biannually, and can be discussed with your practitioner what might be ideal for you.

What to Expect On Follow-up Visits

The follow up visit is roughly 60 minutes. At your second visit, time is allowed for questions and for any additional thoughts that we have about your case. We may give more detailed information about your treatment plan, which could include information on foods to avoid or eat, habits to pay attention to, and explanations as to other ways in which you might participate outside of the treatment to better your health and speed your recovery.

Remember: your body is not only your single biggest asset, it is also your single biggest investment. 

How you take care of and nourish yourself now will predict how well you fare in the future. You can’t afford NOT to take care of yourself now!

Acupuncture should never be painful. You are in the driver seat, please let us know if you are not completely comfortable and we will do what we can to make adjustments.  Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns at any point during your treatment process.

At your 4th or 5th visit, we will review treatment recommendations based on the information we have gathered and how you have responded to treatment to date.  We will give you our best recommendation for treatment frequency to help you meet and maintain your treatment goals.  We will also discuss cost and payment options which will best meet your needs.

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